Thursday, December 3, 2009

No make tonight

Because I went out and played. The first Thursday of every month is ArtWalk in the Pioneer Square section of Seattle, and I went to visit my friends in the Starfish Studio in the 619 Western building. Tonight Nathaniel Johnston and the New Hong Kong Cavaliers were performing. Nathaniel began with his violin, but then switched over to mandolin for the last couple of songs. I missed getting a picture of the singer, as by the time I remembered I had my camera she was done.

One shot of warmup:

Prepping to play

During the last song:

The man on the drums

The core of any band

How cool is this?

So cool I have to post two pictures

I got distracted between watching the band play and watching Molly (Porkshanks) sketch:

Molly sketching

Evening out provided a perfect excuse to give a new vintage dress a spin - a friend of mine just passed this along to me, formerly belonging to a relative of hers. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to fit into this, but right now it fits like it was made for me:

Vintage plaid

And just for fun, an accidental shot I took when I hit the wrong button turning off the camera:

Das Boot

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