Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 114

I did another knotted necklace today, but unfortunately it's going to remain in an almost-completed state for awhile yet, because I still haven't gotten the right kind of bead caps that are used on the end of knotted necklaces to finish the piece off and add a clasp.

jewelry necklaceFreshwater Pearl and Burgundy Glass Knotted Necklace

Here's what the ends currently look like:

Freshwater Pearl and Burgundy Glass Knotted Necklace

And what I need to finish them are these little pieces pictured here:

Someday I'll get a stock of these, and then look out, I'll be a knotting fiend!

One more picture, a set I made some time ago, but just retook the pictures of with the slate tile, so much better images than the originals on black velvet:

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