Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 99

Still cold. Still entirely too cold. Moved away from Wisconsin because I DO NOT LIKE! weather like this. Brrrrr freakin' brrrrrr!


But still being inspired by icy cold, so today you get an ice pendant. Well, not really, just a cut glass teardrop with freshwater pearls, but still:

Cut Glass Drop Necklace with Rice Pearls

Cut Glass Drop Necklace with Rice Pearls

The weatherman says there's a chance of snow Saturday. I say no. No to snow. We had our snow quota for the decade last Christmas. I remember vividly. Snowbound for a week. That's when I started actually posting to this blog, out of absolute and total snow-induced stir-craziness. Say it with me, gentle readers: "NO SNOW NO SNOW NO SNOW!"

Thank you.

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