Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 96

Despite the cold weather we made our normal Sunday outing to one of the beaches in our area. Today it was Alki, in West Seattle. Bright and sunny and freezing cold, at least for this area, but still absolutely beautiful.

The view at Alki

Driving into town we passed a time and temperature sign that decreed it to be a frigid 35F. Brrrr. We each had our preferred toasty beverages, a double short latte for the husband, a chai for me, and hot chocolate for the munchkin.

Hot Cocoa!

We wandered very briefly up and down the waterfront, then bundled back into the car and cranked the heat.

The view at Alki

Home again, and I worked on some new display pieces. I found these little frames in a dollar bin a few months ago, and they make great earring displays.

Earring display frames

A little extra cardboard padding and some black cotton velour, and voila!

Earring display frames

And then I played with some more of the pearls I picked up at the beadstore earlier this week, making my first knotted choker:

Peach Pearl Knotted Choker

I'd actually bought a special pliers for bead knotting a month ago, with the idea of doing something like this and tried them out while I was working on this. Amazingly enough, I found that they made it harder for me and I ended up doing most of the work without them, just using them from time to time to tighten down a few of the knots.

Peach Pearl Knotted Choker

But I'll be keeping this one for me instead of listing it, as I completely messed up the clasp part of it.

Peach Pearl Knotted Choker

Something I need to practice on, which means I need to make more chokers!


Little bug jewelry/Jane said...

Looks beautiful there, and great choker . . .I have never had the patience for knotting!

Made By Tammy said...

Awesome Photos!
Wow, your knots are perfect, great job!