Saturday, September 26, 2009

30 Days Hath September, Day 26

Today, we went in search of an office chair for me, with no luck. I was hoping the University of Washington surplus sale would yield some possibilities, but the chairs were all short-backed, and I need a tall chair with neck and head support. It looks like I may have to break down and get one from Office Depot. It'll be expensive, but my body is aging even if my brain and heart aren't, and what's worked in the past isn't working anymore, set-up wise for creating.

Today, I made a big ole pot of chicken soup. Pretty simple - boil a chicken till the meat falls off the bones, separate the meat from the skin and bones, strain the broth, toss the meat and broth back in the pot with celery, onions, carrots, and fresh garlic, with a pinch of tarragon, and salt & pepper to taste.

I also made a new Steampunk necklace, with one of my favorite combinations - labradorite and freshwater pearls. I love how they compliment each other:

And I finished a custom order - here's a teaser:

I'm waiting to ask the bride-to-be if it's okay for me to post pictures of the whole set here.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to do a little bit of sewing, now that the cold is receding. Last night the husband made me a magical concoction that seems to have chased it away - a shot of Jack Daniels with honey and fresh lemon juice, warmed. I slept well, woke up this morning not sneezing, and made it through the day with no cold medicine and only two sneezing fits. Hallelujah! All hail the healing powers of whiskey!

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