Friday, May 14, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 252

Short and simple today, because I'm wiped out. I had an opthomologist and a dentist appointment today, and while I don't feel like my upper lip is concave anymore, or that the sun has gone supernova, I still just want to pretend I'm a limp noodle. But it was a good day. I'll have my new contacts by Wednesday, and another of my mercury amalgam fillings is replaced by tooth-colored stuff (there was decay at the edges of an old filling, so my dentist drilled out and replaced the old while putting in the new!)

My new prescription is actually less strong than the contacts I'm currently wearing, as my lenses are thickening with age, which means that in another 10 to 15 years I'll be more worried about farsightedness instead of nearsightedness! And my prescription hasn't changed so much that I need new glasses, which is good because I really like my current frames and the ones that they had in stock right now did not please.

So something small for you, my very first, rather pitiful attempt at a herringbone weave:

Herringbone weave


Made By Tammy said...

Great Job!

Beadsme said...

Great start. Peas in the pod here we go ..... LOL

Silver Canyons said...

LOL! Excellent Job!