Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 254

We had a lovely day out at the Viking Fair in Poulsbo, Washington. It would have been lovelier if I hadn't accidentally left the camera on yesterday when taking pictures of the necklace I'd made. I'll be buying a camera bag sometime in the next few weeks, to keep the spare battery I'll also be acquiring, so I can carry both it and the extra memory cards that I bought in case I forget one in plugged into the computer again.

There was an unexpectedly lovely lunch while we were there, at The Loft. It's pretty unassuming in appearance, very bare decor, but it had a magnificent view so we figured even if the food was mediocre we'd still enjoy it, but aside from what the husband dubbed as the second worst bloody mary he'd ever experienced (he said it had a very bitter aftertaste, and if the camera had been working I would have taken a picture of the face he made, which had me giggling hysterically), everything else was delightful.

Calamari was selected for starters, and it was done to perfection with a garlicky mayo dipping sauce. The husband and the munchkin split the fish and chips, which was declared quite tasty (homemade fries!), and I had their turkey, bacon, and avocado club. It came on fresh sourdough, and it was a slab carved right off of a turkey breast, with thick smoked bacon and a light chipotle mayo. I also had a mai tai, which had only a passing acquaintance with the fruit juice component. Wowza! All this on the deck above the marina overlooking the water. No camera. Damnit!

There was a carnival with rides, which the munchkin enjoyed, and there was a ride on the ferris wheel, which all the ladies standing on the ground watching my kilt-wearing husband go round enjoyed:

Kilt Oops

We also got to see the lutefisk eating competition (gag!), and acquired a drinking horn at the Viking village, something the husband and I have been wanting for ages.

Home now, relaxed, camera battery was charged, and another new necklace has been made. I'm still playing in the green box, but hey, it's springtime! All about the green!

Vesuvianite and Freshwater Pearls Necklace