Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 261

No post yesterday, no energy left after all the goings and doings. I hit a local farmers' market for my "day job" bright and early, fortified myself with a spinach and goat cheese omelet then headed off to spend the afternoon helping friends move. I expected to be much more sore today, as it was from a second floor apartment with no elevator, but I'm not all achey in my dignity like I was expecting.

Getting a slow start today, but I do have a big ole hunk o' pig slow cooking in the oven. Pulled pork for dinner again - YUM!

I'm looking around the house, thinking I need to clean, but putting it off, so you get today's blog post early today!

Milky White Quartz Y-Necklace on Sterling Silver

I did get one major thing accomplished, which compacted one bit of clutter - my business spreadsheet is now updated through yesterday's vintage sale. Go me!

Can't believe it's sunday afternoon already. Oh, how the weekends fly!

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