Saturday, May 8, 2010

Steampunk University

I am exhausted and sore of foot and happy. I had a wonderful day today at the Steampunk University, marred only by the choice of footwear for the day and forgetting to bring a change of shoes for loadout. There were oodles of people in beautiful garb with shiny accessories to ogle, and lots of good company in our little vendors corner.

As always, squeezing myself into a 6' table was a challenge, but here's today's display:

My display at Steampunk U

My display at Steampunk U

I remembered to bring along the display for the pouches this time!

My display at Steampunk U

The new display cards worked almost perfectly (they got snagged by a couple of trailing sleeves):

My display at Steampunk U

And I believe I did a decent job at my thrifty costuming presentation. I meant to put together a powerpoint, but it never came together, so I winged it instead, with no notes, and feeding off of my audience's questions.

I also got a bonus at the end of the day. A couple of months ago I spent an afternoon with a bunch of wonderful people helping to film a short for the liveaction role playing game Rise of Aester, and at the very start of the festival, they played the video. I got to see myself on the big screen! Wooot!

Here's the short:

I am now going to go soak my aching footsies and then collapse back onto the sofa with a cold adult beverage.