Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 267

I got all caught up in my project yesterday and forgot to post here! Of course, I do have a bit of an excuse. I went for a lovely lunch at the Crepe Cafe, but afterwards the stomach wasn't happy. Spent the rest of the day as a pathetic lump on the sofa. It worked out, though, because I finished a new parasol! This is a custom order for a friend. I'm calling it the "Cotton Candy" Parasol, for obvious reasons:

Cotton Candy Parasol by *dbvictoria on deviantART


I also got a new necklace completed before I went off to brunch yesterday:

Amethyst Necklace Hand Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire

Be heading off to the farmers' market this afternoon for work, but hoping to get out and about and maybe take a few pictures beforehand. Mother Nature looks to be drooling today. We'll see.


SendingLoveGallery said...

love the parasol and necklace- cotton candy-never had blue : )

Beadsme said...

I love the parasol. Yummy cotton candy too. Necklace is awesome.

capitalcitycrafts said...

Two super creations finished in one day! awesome!

Made By Tammy said...