Friday, October 2, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 32

October is here, and the rains as well. Dripdripdrip. In Seattle, of course, the majority of the time it doesn't really rain, it just drools.

There's another parasol in the works, but I'm giving my neck a rest tonight. My pillows on the sofa, that I use for back support and to cushion my neck while working, have become very un-cushioney in the last month or so.

Two items today, coming from me doing a search through my bead boxes refreshing what exactly I have stashed. It's so easy to forget, and when I do this, it's like an early Christmas! So today I found one of the chains I use for pocketwatch chains tucked in to the corner of my bead tote, and also a stash of antiqued keys that begged to be used.

Here's another of my Steampunk Dandy's watch chains:

Brass key earrings:


Cassandra Watsham said...

Oh, I LOVE the bracelet! I have a love affair with vintage keys!

OV Gillies said...

Lovely items! I'm really impressed you have done a whole month creating and listing an item a day - WELL DONE & CONGRATS!

Designs by Victoria said...

There seems to be a general fascination with keys - what doors do they open?

And Gillie, thank you! I couldn't believe the month went by so fast!