Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 53

Apologies for the absence of several days. Wednesday was a busy day at the work conference, and Thursday I finished up, hopped in the car at 5:45, and drove back home from Richland, WA, in the dark, through the mountains. A bit nerve-wracking for me, but at least that kept me awake. Got home a little before 10pm, got my goods together to take to the hotel, and I made the mistake of sitting down. Big mistake. Needless to say, I didn't end up taking the goods to the hotel till yesterday morning.

I got one new piece completed yesterday, but it was so busy I'm surprised I managed that:

New Steampunk Unisex Pendant

One of my fellow vendors helps me keep the others in line:

Bad Dmitri!

Hey, there's Phil Foglio! Oh, look, he's over there too! Huh?

I am not Phil Foglio!

And there is tea! The folks from B. Fuller kept us fueled with aromatic and tasty samples.

B. Fuller

Here's my booth setup. My husband cross-braced the parasol stands so I haven't had the tipping problem that occurred at Penumbra a few weeks ago, and I love how they look all on display together:

My Booth in the Vendors' Bazaar

My Booth in the Vendors' Bazaar

My Booth in the Vendors' Bazaar

My Booth in the Vendors' Bazaar

Some lovely outfits to be seen, but the vendors' room isn't the best setting for pictures. Here's one I got last night on my way out, though.


One of the best things about these events is the visiting with friends I get to see too seldom:

Drinks in the bar

A busy day ahead. Vendors' room is open from 10-6, and the Abney Park concert is this evening. Off we go!


The Tote Trove said...

Great setup! It's so professional, and showcases your work beautifully.

Prayers4Theresa said...

I enjoyed reading your recent posts about Steamcon. Your booth looks great and I hope you did well as a vendor. Such creative folks, based off your pictures of the participants!