Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 47

Today, we spent a good portion of the day helping a friend move, but I still managed to get the majority of the work still needed for the munchkin's outfit done. Knocked off the checklist? Camisole, bloomers, and crinoline done. Still have to do the buttons on the back and front of the dress. Yes, I'm putting it off. I hate doing buttons. Especially since my buttonholer isn't working. Can I cheat and use snaps and hooks and eyes?

The munchkin has discovered the joys of mugging for the camera. She hasn't seen West Side Story yet, so there's no singing of "I Feel Pretty" yet, but she sure feels pretty.

Here's the under-under things, the camisole and bloomers:

And the crinoline. Hopefully I haven't given her a complex now, and she won't grow up insisting that her bra and panties always match.

Here she is in the dress. She's not wearing the crinoline under it, because this was actually the first thing we tried on and I hadn't made the undergarments yet.

Somewhere in her room is hopefully still a mini top hat I bought her at a con last year, that will match perfectly. We'll look for it tomorrow. It's about time there was another room cleaning and toybox purging anyways.


Made By Tammy said...

Your daughter is sooooo cute! Of course, Great Job! Love the Dress.

Rebecca - Fuchsia Bloom Studio said...

beautiful dress! i would love to be able to sew like that!

cccraftstudio said...

very cute! You are so talented!

Metalicious said...

Aw, cutie patootie!