Friday, October 16, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 46

Another sewing project tonight. I started the cutting on this pretty much right after making last night's post, a dress for my daughter to wear to SteamCon next weekend. It's this pattern, now out of print it seems. I still have the chemise and bloomers to put together and the crinoline to make, and the dress is missing its buttons front and back, but my back said enough, plus it got to be time for the new episode of Sanctuary, which sucked me in so thoroughly I forgot to publish the post for 30 minutes!

It's black satin with a red floral embroidery pattern, with the contrast of a dark red satin, accented with red trim and black lace. I've got red/black shell buttons for the front, and don't know what I'm going to do about the back, because my buttonhole function isn't working on my machine. Matter of fact, none of my stitches except my straight stitch are working at the moment. Something seems to have gone twitchy after sewing the leather waist cincher a little while ago. Hopefully this is a good Christmas for me, and the business can finally buy me the Juki I've been lusting after.


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Pretty dress. I bet she will look gorgeous in it.

Dashery Jewelry said...

Lovely dress! It looks like something Claudia from Interview with the Vampire would wear. (And Sanctuary is getting good this season)