Monday, October 19, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 49

Today, I finally finished the munchkin's dress. Buttons added on front, and I proved yet again that I am straight-line challenged. I marked it on the dress front with chalk, a line straight down the middle, measured in four parts along the front seams to make sure it was centered, with cross marks where the buttons should go, but they still ended up slightly crooked. I redid two of them twice, then gave up.

The original plan was for her to wear the mini tophat I'd bought for her a couple of years ago at Norwescon, but that hat has disappeared. So today, I made a trip to the thriftstore to see if anything suitable could be found as a replacement. My thrift-fu was even mightier than usual today, because when I walked in the door, the hat you see in the picture above was hanging on the endcap of the rack right next to the entrance. It is a bit worse for wear, with some rubbing of the velvet on top and the brim is a bit bent out of shape. When we did the test run and found that it would work with the outfit, I then proceeded to decorate it to match:

There used to be some kind of glitz or glam at the back in the center of the bow, but it had fallen off or been removed, and only the glue marks were left. I replaced it with an old broken brooch front from the stash:

And here's a close-up of the layering of trim:

Updating will be somewhat intermittent the next few days, as I'm off to a work conference, and coming straight back to go to SteamCon, with no breathing room in between.


Made By Tammy said...

Beautiful - the dress and your daughter!

Beadsme said...

My goodness, it's gorgeous.