Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 56

Today, I almost finished a parasol. I bought as much as I normally use, I swear. I was working on the ribs with the ivory, and ended up about 20" short. Before I left, I measured the blue and it looked like I had enough. I went off to the store, and waited ages longer than expected because of all the other folks there buying last minute supplies for their Halloween costumes. Trim acquired, I came back, got back to work, and was almost finished when I realized I was about 6" short of the navy blue trim. Gah!

Here's the mostly-completed piece:

Grey, blue, and ivory parasol

So tomorrow, I'll be back at the store getting another few inches of trim.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came home last week, but forgot to it mention earlier in all the SteamCon excitement. My wonderful husband did some reorganizing for me. He got some new wooden shelves for my sewing room, replacing the plastic ones I was previously using which weren't tall enough to accommodate my larger totes. So now instead of piles of totes on the floor, I have a much neater space:

The new workroom set-up

The old shelves are now out in the garage, and my display and stock bins are up off the floor now too:

The new garage set-up

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Michele said...

It's coming out pretty thou!, the thing is now are you going to find what you want after everything is nicely organized.