Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Artfire offer

Here's another great offer from the folks over at Artfire:

To celebrate our anniversary we’re happy to announce a 2010 pre-pay
opportunity for our members with The ArtFire Pro 500. In the past,
many members have expressed interest in billing periods other than per
month which our previous payment systems wouldn’t allow. As we grow
and upgrade our infrastructure we are happy to extend a 2010 pre-pay
offer to 500 of our artisans. While this offer lasts, you can pay for
a yearlong Pro(Verified) membership for just 100$; that’s
over 30% off the normal $12/mo rate. If you’re a $7/mo charter
artisan you have the option pre-pay for 2010 at your normal rate
knowing that you already have the best deal we can offer.

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