Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 70

Today, garnets, my favorite. Simple and classic. Time to start thinking of holiday parties!

Garnet Briolette Necklace & Earring Set:

A quiet day today. Munchkin has an ear infection and she woke up (and so I woke up) at 3:30 this morning. The two and a half hours it took for the doctor's, getting lunch, and picking up her prescription pretty much wiped out any energy either of us had left, and the cat is quite willing to zombiefy us with purring sleepy vibes, so there's been plenty of quality sofa time.


Made By Tammy said...

Gorgeous Set!

cccraftstudio said...

yes, absolutely lovely!
I envy your dedication to creating every day!

Dashery Jewelry said...


sorry about the little one's ear