Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 89

How was Ninja Assassin, those of you who read yesterdays post might be wanting to ask? I'm sure there was a plot in there somewhere but I got distracted by the pretty shiny pointy flying things, the fountains and fountains of fake blood and the well-built topless Asian boy thing.

Munchkin had her traditional birthday dinner at Red Robin early, as the maternal unit flies out the day before her birthday. I remembered to bring my camera. The batteries, however, were dead. Curse words were subvocalized. It is a family restaurant.

We have begun playing Sorry with her, to much hilarity. I loved that game at her age. As with so many of the games I used to love, I understand now so well why my parents had to be begged and wheedled into playing with them me. They don't end. It's board game limbo.

Today, despite the festivities, I managed to complete another necklace, more pastel confection goodness. Here's the newest, Amazonite and Aventurine necklace:

And I got some good pictures taken of yesterday's creations as well:

After Dinner Mints Necklace:

Pretty in Pink Earrings:

Pink/black Jasper and Faux Pearls Earrings:

White Optic Glass and Faux Pearls Earrings:

Did you realize there's only 25 more shopping days till Christmas?!?

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