Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 64

Home again! I seem to be saying that alot lately. This should be the last of my trips for awhile, though.

I should be having some real food. I have a craving for grilled cheese and tomato soup. I am having popcorn instead, while watching reruns of NCIS. Cooking seems like too much effort tonight. Bad Victoria!

The munchkin's kindergarten class has an ongoing project. Clifford takes a trip. They each get to bring home a stuffed Clifford for a couple of nights, along with a bagful of Clifford books, and a 3-ring binder to which each student adds a page. I'll post Clifford's adventures in our house tomorrow.

Tonight, something simple, four pairs of briolette earrings. I bought these awhile ago (familiar refrain, that), and found them while I was digging around just now. There's two different shades of amazonite, some incredible moss agate, and some tiger iron.

4 Pairs of Briolette Earrings

This is the first of the work trips where we didn't get back on a Friday afternoon or evening, so it'll be early to bed tonight so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow. I'm usually a lot more beat after a trip, though. I always have problems sleeping in hotels. Last night, I realized it's probably because my hotel rooms have been too quiet. I usually go to bed earlier than my husband, so I can hear his background noise. My recent hotel room was right around the corner to the elevators, and not too far from the icemaker, so the mechanical hum probably soothed my subconscious and I got two full nights' sleep this trip. Something to remember for future trips, and that'll make me popular with the hotels too, I'm sure.

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