Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 74

I started out the day by tea-dying the white cotton Cherokee button-down shirt we'd bought for the munchkin for her outfit. The tea took very well, better than my other tea-dying efforts. Maybe the difference between an old shirt and a new one? I also made her a vest, using Simplicity 2484. Tan and black striped fabric for the front, and more of the skirt khaki for the back. I used two antique mother-of-pearl buttons on the vest, and added some cotton lace to the wrists and collar of the shirt:

Front of the Safari Vest

Of course, when I sewed the buttons on everything looked straight, but the vest front now looks crooked in the picture. Will have to figure out if it's just how it's sitting on the hanger or if I truly mis-sewed.

The back, gathered with a spot of elastic

Back of the Safari Vest

And here's the full outfit, in test run, before I'd added the buttons to the vest or lace to the shirt:

On Safari


WearableByDesign said...

That turned out soooooo cute!!!

Static White said...

Great job! She looks adorable :D

Dashery Jewelry said...

She looks great!

ArtSnark said...

too fabulous!