Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Year in the Making, Day 68

Today, a new pair of earrings, to replace a pair that will be winging its way off to Sweden tomorrow morning. I made them in the same style, but with different beads, to mix things up a little.

Amber Glass, Brass, and Gear Earrings:

And I listed some more of the steampunk pieces I made in September again today:

The Heart of the Watch Amethyst necklace:

Amethyst earrings to match:

Garnet and Gears Earrings

Vesuvianite and Green Garnet Necklace:

Garnet Chunk Earrings:

Still haven't made pumpkin butter. The nesting urge is low, although I did vacuum the living room carpet today at least. It was a minefield of itsy bitsy seed beads.

Oh, and planning has officially begun for SteamCon 2010!

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